NSCA BizSkills Day

NSCA’s BizSkills is  a full day of educational sessions and a networking reception. Attendees will learn about project management, finance, sales and operations skills for systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, architects, specifying engineers and other allied professionals.

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2023 Workshops & Session Lineup

Integration Business Project Management Workshop

Beyond an overview, this hands-on workshop requires attendees to dive into each segment of the project lifecycle:

  • Sales Initiation – first recognition of the project
  • Sales Strategic Planning – conceptual project planning
  • Sales Tactical Planning – design and detailed planning
  • Sales Execution – bid and proposal generation
  • Sales Closeout – owner commitment and project transfer to operations
  • Project Management Initiation – project documentation passed to operations
  • Project Management Strategic Planning – processing scope and project documentation
  • Project Management Tactical Planning – clear operation direction established
  • Project Management Execution – project installation and stakeholder coordination
  • Project Management Closeout – project completion and closeout documentation

Attendees will walk away with a better handle on how to make a project management impact in every stage of a project and improve chances for profitability.

Integration Business Finance Workshop

Beyond an overview, this hands-on workshop requires attendees to dive into several aspects of integration company-specific finance. Cash is the lifeblood of any company, so each integration company employee should understand the impact that their decisions have on cash flow — but to do that it’s important to understand the big picture financial processes in a company. Through industry-specific examples and exercises, attendees will walk away with an understanding of what they need to accomplish with their balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

Integration Business Sales Workshop

Beyond an overview, this hands-on workshop requires attendees to dive into several aspects of managing an integration customer relationship:

  • How to deal with angry customers
  • Tips for negotiation skills
  • Crisis management
  • Proven customer relationship techniques
  • Prospecting for new business

The work that integrators do is becoming even more important to customers. As such, the relationship between customer and integrator is evolving. Attendees of this session – both business development leaders and others who touch the sales process – will walk away with tools to leverage and nurture those mutually beneficial relationships.

Integration Business Operations Workshop

Beyond an overview, this hands-on workshop requires attendees to dive into several of the unique aspects of integration company operations. With an industry-specific focus, this session tackles how to:

  • Improve integration business processes
  • Inventory management (including “just in time” versus “just in case” strategies)
  • Project preparation and management reduce risk of profit loss
  • Establish and leverage analytics that can be used for better decision making

Most importantly, attendees of this session will recognize how to set operational goals that make sense for their companies and create strategies for achieving them.

Integration Business Operations Class

Ask anyone who has run an integration company or worked at one for a long time, and they’ll provide you with a list of industry-specific variables that they wish they understood from the beginning. Indeed, business acumen is important for integrators to be successful, but they also need to understand the nuances of operating a company in our unique industry. This overview session will help any integration company team member or leader with a role in operations understand how to overcome some of those obstacles.

Integration Business Sales Class

Integration shouldn’t be a transactional business, so when NSCA members think of “sales” it’s really about managing the customer relationship. Building trust and strong ties with customers leads to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. So. this overview session helps attendees understand the value of a customer relationship with outlining communication steps that will benefit integration company business development leaders, sales team members and anybody who touches the customer relationship.

Integration Business Finance Class

As a trade association supporting integrators, one of NSCA’s top priorities is to support its members company’s financial leadership. It is integration companies’ financial leaders that put in place policies and processes that give their companies a chance to be profitable. That, in return, empowers integrators to invest in their talent and to solve customers’ mission critical challenges. This overview session on managing cash at the project level will help any integration company team member — whether a financial leader or anybody with any responsibility related to finances — understand the fundamental impacts of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and more.

Integration Business Project Management Class

In 2023 and beyond, integrators need air-tight project management to be profitable. NSCA has built a curriculum around each segment of project management. This class provides an overview of the project lifecycle and the impact that effective project management can have — from sales initiation and sales strategic planning to project management execution and project completion and closeout documentation. You’ll walk away with project management objectives and perhaps a recognition of areas in which your organization can reduce bleed and maximize profits.