About the Show

Where and when will the event take place?

The Commercial Integrator Expo will be co-located within the same exhibit halls and on the same show floor with CEDIA Expo at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver next September 7-9, 2023 (conference Sept. 6-9).  The show hours will be the same for both shows. 

What numbers do you expect in terms of exhibitors and attendees?

For the combined Commercial Integrator Expo and CEDIA Expo 2023 shows, we expect over 400 exhibitors to occupy over 200,000 NSF of exhibit space with the industry’s leading brands showing their latest products and innovations on the joint show floor. For attendees, we expect to host 20,000+ professionals to attend the newly co-located shows. These projections include 70-100 commercial brands who will exhibit at the ’23 events along with over 3,000 commercial channel pros and tech managers, including a 300+ person professional AV systems conference program. 

Will registration be the same as for CEDIA EXPO?

Commercial Integrator Expo will have separate registration for attendees and exhibitors. There will be an expo and conference component for the new show with separate registration fees than CEDIA’s conference program. The exhibits only and NONEX registration fees will be the same for both shows.  Attendees of either show will be able to access the exhibits, free show floor education and manufacturer training sessions of both shows and will not need to register for the other show (unless to attend the paid Commercial Integrator Expo conference sessions). One badge will enable access to both show floor exhibit floors. Conference and registration fees TBD.   

Will Commercial Integrator Expo have a conference program?

Yes, like CEDIA Expo’s paid conference program, Commercial Integrator Expo will have a paid conference program as well. It will be separate from CEDIA’s, with focused, education content that best serves the needs of residential integrators doing commercial projects and commercial integrators doing residential and mixed-use projects. 

How will attendee prospects and customers learn about Commercial Integrator Expo?

Emerald will not be starting from scratch with promoting attendance for Commercial Integrator Expo.  In addition to CE Pro, Emerald owns, produces, and publishes many of the leading commercial industry trade media properties and events including the new show’s namesake, Commercial Integrator, AV-iQ, Campus Safety, Total Tech Summit, Security Sales & Integration, Tech Decisions, EDspaces, and Hospitality Design, among others.  We have tens of thousands of qualified channel professionals and tech managers (attendees/subscribers) in our databases that we will communicate with to market Commercial Integrator Expo. 

How will Commercial Integrator Expo ensure a quality conference program and successful show launch that will meet the industry’s needs?

Commercial Integrator Expo will form exhibitor advisory and content advisory committees in the coming weeks following the show launch announcement. The committees will include leading commercial brands and commercial AV integration and tech manager subject matter experts.  We want the new show to be as successful as possible and we value the input from the industry to help shape Commercial Integrator Expo’s future in order to best serve the needs of the industry. 

What is CEDIA Association’s involvement with the new show?
CEDIA Expo is owned by Emerald Exposition and Commercial Integrator Expo is an initiative of Emerald, not CEDIA.  CEDIA will remain fully involved in supporting, promoting and programming education for CEDIA Expo.  Their statement on the new show can be found here.

For Exhibitors

Where will the exhibit space be located?

Commercial Integrator Expo’s exhibit hall space will be co-located within the same exhibit halls and on the same show floor with CEDIA Expo at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver next September 7-9, 2023 (conference Sept. 6-9).  The show hours will be the same for both shows. 

What are the exhibit rates for Commercial Integrator Expo?

The exhibit space rates for Commercial Integrator Expo and CEDIA Expo 2023 will be the same for CEDIA members and non-members – and are lower than many other large industry events serving the same market. Rates are coming shortly. 

As an exhibitor, if I want to participate in both shows will I need to purchase a booth on both show floors?

CEDIA Expo exhibitors who have commercial products will not be required to take a second booth on the Commercial Integrator Expo exhibit area to show their commercial products; they may elect to expand their CEDIA Expo exhibit space or take a second exhibit booth in Commercial Integrator Expo exhibit area at their option, for an additional exhibit space fee.  The Commercial Integrator Expo show floor area will be reserved for commercial product exhibitors. 

As a CEDIA Expo exhibitor, when can I book space in Commercial Integrator Expo?

During the CEDIA Expo 2023 show space selection we will offer a waiting list for current CEDIA Expo 2022 exhibitors who wish to book space in the new Commercial Integrator Expo exhibit area. We will follow-up after CEDIA Expo 2022 to discuss eligibility and space assignments.  The Commercial Integrator Expo show floor is reserved for exhibitors showing primarily commercial products.

Can I expand my CEDIA Expo booth for the ’23 show so our company will have more space to display our commercial products for Commercial Integrator Expo and CEDIA Expo attendees to experience?

CEDIA Expo exhibitors who wish to expand their exhibit booth spaces for the 2023 show to accommodate the addition of commercial products may adjust their onsite space rebooking reservations up to October 31, 2022, before the initial 50% space deposit will be due.  Emerald Show Management will work with such brands and may need to adjust the layout and position of exhibit booths on the show floor accordingly. 

As an exhibitor, can I book special space or meeting rooms?

Sound rooms for commercial audio brands will be available on the exhibit hall show floor in addition to High Performance Audio demo and exhibitor meeting rooms off the show floor in the Convention Center and adjacent hotels.   

For Attendees

Who should attend?

Commercial Integration Expo will serve commercial channel professionals, IT integrators and tech managers as well as CEDIA channel members interested in commercial solutions. The event will also serve the AV systems integration firms’ management, integrators, installers, distributors, dealers, reps, designers, programmers as well as AV technology and IT and facilities managers from corporate, higher education, hospitality, retail and resimercial businesses and institutions.  

We will plan to introduce new networking events for commercial integrators and tech managers to connect with each other and with CEDIA Expo attendees. 

What will the Commercial Integrator Expo education program look like?

We envision a professional AV systems conference program with several featured tracks sponsored by industry organizations. Sessions will address: business issues for commercial integrators such as the latest trends in AV/IT systems design, network and signal management; best practices; and tech manager peer project case studies for corporate, higher education, hospitality, retail and resimercial applications. Additionally, technology topics will be offered addressing unified communications and collaboration, digital signage, pro audio, LED video display, control systems, voice control, AI and other future technologies that will impact the commercial integration channel and customers’ facilities. 

Where will the conference sessions be held?

The new Commercial Integrator Expo will share meeting space for its new conference program and MPT sessions at the Colorado Convention Center and adjacent hotels right along with CEDIA Expo.  The Colorado Convention Center exhibit hall has room to accommodate growth of the two shows together.