Press Resource Center

Complimentary press badges are issued only to qualified journalists, reporters, editors, freelance writers and news photographers, producers, marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, publishers, book authors, book editors and other non-editorial employees of a media organization who plan to engage in any sales or marketing activities under attendee registration.

Satellite media tours are strictly prohibited.

Please note that all press registrations will be reviewed, and additional information or supporting verification may be required before a press badge will be provided. Commercial Integrator Expo reserves the right to deny any press applicant if sufficient credentials are not provided.

Required Credentials

Print Media

  • Reporters, editors and other editorial/non-editorial staff from a print media outlet must be able to show either a business card with an editorial title or a masthead from a current technology related publication listing you as an editorial contact.


  • Freelance writers must provide a signed letter of assignment from the assigning editor at a recognized news outlet relevant to the technology industry.

Still Photographers

  • Photographers must submit a letter or email from the news organization they are representing describing what they have been hired to cover. Emails must come from the editor’s corporate email account. Generic email addresses (i.e.. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) will not be accepted.

Bloggers/Online Media

  • The blog must be have been previously established, independent and regularly updated with original and current home technology news for a minimum of a year.
  • The blog must adhere to a standard of professional responsibility regulating institutional journalism, such as editing, fact-checking and disclosure of conflicts of interest.
  • The blogger must have posted a bylined piece within three months prior to registering for Commercial Integrator Expo.
  • Company blogs will not be considered

Production Companies and Video crews must follow these steps.